This manual is being depreciated. Much of the information here is out of date.

The new Jomres Documentation, updated in 2022, can be found at

Guest types

You can use this feature to create guest types dropdowns that will be displayed on the booking form.

guest types


Visitors can then select the number of guests in the booking and Jomres will use this to present the guests rooms that match the total in party.

guest types booking form

If you will be charging per person per night, it is imperative that you create some guest/customer types. In the Guest types list it is possible to set the order that the guest types will be generated in the booking form. The first in the list will take advantage of the Booking Rooms -> Guest type default option. This is the number of guests that are originally selected in the guest types dropdown when the booking form is first generated. You can unpublish a Guest Type by clicking on the Unpublish button. Guest types are used to allow you to offer different prices for different Guest Types, if you wish. If you want to charge per person per night, you must have at least one Guest Type configured and published. If you don't want the Guest Type's stay cost modified from the 'base' value of the room cost, then simply leave the Variance set to 0.00. Variances can be calculated up or down from the base cost of the room (see How prices are calculated for more information). You can choose to make the value a percentage or a flat rate by setting the Is percentage? flag to Yes or No. Set it to No to adjust the value of the Guest Type by a flat value, eg €10. Add variance? Enables you to adjust the value up or down from the base cost, - will subtract the variance from the value of the Guest Type's cost, where as + will add the calculated variance.


This feature is added by the Guest Types plugin and it will only be visible if the plugin is installed by the site admin.