This manual is being depreciated. Much of the information here is out of date.

The new Jomres Documentation, updated in 2022, can be found at

Core Gateway Stripe

Stripe Payment Gateway

Why Stripe?

The payment form done right

Checkout is an embeddable payment form for desktop, tablet, and mobile devices. It works within your site—customers can pay instantly, without being redirected away to complete the transaction.

Speak your customers’ language

Checkout is translated into English, French, Spanish, Dutch, Italian, German, Japanese and Chinese so that customers around the world get a localized experience.

Accept any form of payment

In addition to credit and debit cards, Checkout makes it easy to support Alipay and Bitcoin, with more types of payment coming soon.

1-tap mobile payments

Payment on phones and tablets is frustrating. Nobody likes poking at their screens to type long card numbers. Checkout lets your customers save their details, connected to an email address and a phone number, and pay with a single tap. It's like Gravatar for payments, secured by single-use SMS code


Stripe Connect

This Stripe payment gateway for Jomres is specially coded to allow site managers to receive a percentage of a property manager's deposit payments as commission ( an Application Fee ).

Stripe Connect is everything marketplaces and platforms need to get users paid.

Multi-party payments

All the tools you need to run a marketplace: Stripe helps with identity verification, tax reporting, and more.

Full control

Stripe does the heavy lifting while giving you control of everything from the UI to the timing of transfers.

Going global

Your platform can support sellers anywhere Stripe operates (24 countries, more coming this year).

Scalable and trusted

Platforms and marketplaces of every kind use Stripe to manage billions of dollars in payments each year.


Integration & other stuff you'll probably want to know

You will be pleased to know that you don't need a "live" server for testing integration, all of this can be done on your local development server ( typically a Windows or Mac box ) if you've got an SSL certificate configured.

This gateway works for both booking desposit payments, and invoice balance payments.


This gateway is primarily for users who want to extract a portion of deposit payments into their own Stripe account. This is known as an Application Fee. As none of the other gateways support this functionality you cannot use it in conjunction with other gateways! In fact, when this gateway's settings are saved in the administrator area, all other gateways previously configured will be disabled.


When using Stripe for Jomres, there are a number of steps you MUST complete once you've installed it, so what we will do here is show you the complete configuration and testing process.


Before we start, you will need three users configured in your site.

  • Site Manager ( that's probably you ). This is the user who owns the site and has access to the administrator area.
  • Property Manager. Word of warning, because of how Jomres figures out who a property manager is, if you intend to charge managers commission, only one user should ever be assigned to a property in the Show Profiles page. If you're allowing managers to register their own properties then this is unlikely to be an issue as they cannot assign other managers to their properties.
  • Guest. It's easiest to do testing with a logged in guest so that you don't constantly need to enter their address details all the time while you're performing your tests.


We do not recommend that you attempt to use this plugin alongside the subscription and commission plugins, if you intend to charge what's known as an Application Fee. Additionally, you shouldn't use more than one gateway, as payments through other gateways will mean that you will not receive the application fee from those payments.

This implementation supports Stripe Connect Standalone accounts. This means that it's the responsibility of Property Managers to deal with disputes and refunds, not yours. They will be able to access their own Stripe Dashboards to see and manage payments, refunds etc. Thiis allows you to run your property booking website purely as an "introduction" site, where you use your SEO and site development skills to draw customers in, and charge a fee for the booking. If you're running the site as an agency, you might not want to charge application fees. The choice is yours.


Stripe Accounts

The Site Manager and the Property Manager will both need accounts on Stripe. The "guest" user will not need an account. Stripe is exceptionally developer and integrator friendly, it'll cost you nothing to setup test accounts and test payments.

As the person integrating this plugin into Jomres, you will need to create two individual Stripe accounts, one for the site owner, one for a test property manager.

Let's setup the Site Owner's application first.


Site owner/manager setup steps


First the Site Manager/Owner will need to setup their own account. If you already have a Stripe Account, you will need to create a new account. If you don't, you will first need to register with them.

Once that's done, in the Dashboard you will need to click "Create new account".


0 Create New Account


In here, you would probably put your site's name, something that's meaningful to you. I put in "Fawlty Portal". Create the account.


 1 new account


Here you can see that Fawlty Portal is the active account.

2 fawlty portal


In a new tab in your browser, go to Administrator > Jomres > Payment Methods > Gateways and click on Stripe. This will take you to the configuration page for the Stripe gateway. Currently, as you can see, we haven't entered any information.


3 stripe settings own


Back in the Stripe Dashboard, click on Fawlty Portal and select Account Settings. A popup will appear, click on Connect.


4 connect

 You will probably see that there are no connected applications.

At the bottom left, you will see the message Register your Platform. Click on it.


5 register platform


In the next page you will see this at the top. DO NOT CHANGE IT. Jomres does not support Managed accounts, only Standalone accounts.

6 managed accounts


Standalone accounts

Here you will need to setup an application name. If you are charging an Application Fee, then this is what will appear in the manager's dashboard when they analyse payments.

For the Website URL, put your own site's url.


7 standalone


Do you remember that I told you to open your gateway configuration page in another tab? You do? Great!

First, copy the Client Id from this field and paste it into your gateway settings in the other tab. Next, look at the url in the blue text. See it? You do? Fantastic, copy that entire url, and paste it into the Redirect URIs field like in this picture.

Don't click Save in Jomres yet, there's more to do.


8 connect client id

 Now click on the API Keys button in the Stripe popup.


9 api keys

 You will see something like this :

10 keys


Copy and paste those keys into your Jomres gateway settings so eventually it'll look like this ( remember, when you are ready to go live you'll need to replace the test keys with your live keys ).

 Don't forget to click Save!



11 keys own


Ok, now click Done in the Stripe popup to save your changes, and click Save in the Jomres page.

Let's get the Test Property Manager connected to your platform. This is what a manager will see when they connect to your account.


Property Manager setup


First a property manager will need to visit Property Configuration.


12 testing a manager


Next they'll need to click on the Gateways tab, and click the Stripe link next to the Stripe logo.


13 gateways


They'll see a popup window, and in it they'll see this message :


15 connecting a manager


Assuming that everything's gone ok when they click Connect, they'll see somehting like this in the popup, now they can close that window. That's all they need to do to connect to your Stripe account.


17 oops close window


The Guest User

Let's make a test booking as a guest. In your Jomres installation, log in as the Guest user. In this image my guest user has has saved the "New user test property" in their favourites, which is nice. The "New user test property" is one of the properties managed by the Property Manager who's just connected their account with yours. Let's make a test booking.

Stripe have a comprehensive list of test card numbers, however for simply testing that a payment has gone through, 4242424242424242 will be good enough.



18 guest account favourites


 As normal, we make a test booking, and here we will select the Stripe payment gateway.


19 choosing a payment method


On the next page you'll see a header saying "Secure Payment Form" ( until you've customised the form ). Click the button that says "Pay by card" and Stripe will open up a popup. Be aware, you can't customise this popup form, and you shouldn't want to, it's an excellent payment form. Not only is it very usable on mobile devices, but it's completely secure, meaning that you can't access the guest's creditcard details. Great news for people who're responsible for PCI compliance in your organisation.



 20 payment form


And that's it. Nothing else to do. Payment is complete!


The Stripe gateway will save logging information ( so that you can look at reasons why a payment failed, for example ) into the Jomres Logs.