This manual is being depreciated. Much of the information here is out of date.

The new Jomres Documentation, updated in 2022, can be found at

Performance - Recommended settings


To get the best out of Jomres, there are a number of recommended settings you can configure once you've finished your initial installation and setup.

Once you have done your initial setup, then you need to ensure that the site is set to Production mode.


Site Configuration  - Debugging tab



The various logs, while useful to developers, should NOT be left on, as they will signficantly slow your site down ( especially the Request log, with the Booking form logging coming in a close second ).


Site Configuration  - Jomres Caching tab

The next thing you should do is enable the Jomres Caching features.


  • Jomres Caching feature. This is a built-in system that caches the queries that Jomres performs to exectute certain tasks. When the task has been performed once, the results are cached so that next time there's no need to run large database queries. This is the single most effective change you can make to improve page load times.
  • Javascript Caching. Jomres will minify and consolidate ( stick together ) all of the javascript files that it can. This helps to reduce the download size of the files and/or number of calls required each time the page is loaded. You should NOT use any caching features that your Joomla or Wordpress template offers as you'll end up with doubly minified files which will not work.
  • CSS caching/minification.
  • patTemplate caching allows the Jomres templating system to use cached versions of the individual Jomres template files, which improves rendering of the individual portions of the Jomres pages.


 Site Configuration  - Integrated Search tab

The integrated search feature has uses which unfortunately are not well documentated. As this feature's purposes are confusing to users, they often configure it incorrectly and as a result they inadvertently cause performance problems for themselves. We intend to refactor this feature altogether in the future, but until we do here are the settings we recommend for this feature.