This manual is being depreciated. Much of the information here is out of date.

The new Jomres Documentation, updated in 2022, can be found at

Room/Resource types


The Room/Resource type feature allows you to create, edit and delete room types. It is advisable that when you set your system up you set up room types for multi room properties (MRP), and if you will be listing single room properties (SRP) too that you create some room types for them: eg. '3 bedrooms', '4 bedrooms' etc.


A MRP is a property that has multiple rooms which are booked individually. For example, a hotel or a bed&breakfast. Usual room types for MRPs are 'double', 'single', 'twin', etc. These names usually describe the bed type of each room.
A SRP is a property that can be booked entirely, like an apartment, cottage, villa. The room types in this case will be '1 bedroom', '2 bedrooms', etc. The room type names describe the property and not the available beds.

Room types can be defined as SRP only or not. This means that the room types that are 'SRP only' will only be available for selection when a property is a SRP. If 'SRP only' is set to No, then the room types will only be available for selection when a property is a MRP.


To add, edit or delete room types, you have to use the Room Type option in your Jomres control panel. You will see here all global room types that are defined and from which the property owners can choose when adding a property, associating tariffs with rooms, etc.

Adding a new room type

To add a new room type, follow the steps below:


  1. Click on the 'New' icon. You`ll be taken to a new screen where you can enter your new room type details.
  2. Enter the room/property type abbv. This is the name that will be seen on the booking form room list and on the room type dropdowns in search modules. This name can include spaces.
  3. Enter the room/property type description. The description will be seen in the tooltips.
  4. Select the room type icon. If the room type icon you need is not already there, you can upload a new room type icon using the administrator area Media Manager. The image won`t be overwritten when upgrading.
  5. Choose if your room type is for SRPs or MRPs by using the 'SRP Only' dropdown. If this option is not changed, the new room type you create will be available for MRPs. If you want the room type to be available only for SRPs, then choose 'Yes'.
  6. Choose one or more property types for this room type to be associated with on the line underneath.
  7. Save the new room type.



You can use the Label Editing feature to translate items you create here.

Final notes

You can use the room types feature not only to create rooms for hotels, apartments and other types of accommodation. You can also use this feature if you offer cars for example,  in which case the room types will actually be car types like 'SUV', 'waggon', 'limousine' etc. This way you can start using Jomres for booking more than just accommodation.