PHP Updates and Ioncube encoded files

Now that PHP 5.6 is no longer supported by the PHP project many hosts are updating their servers to use PHP 7

This is a good thing, however if you have a subscription license then the plugin manager you have installed may have been encoded for a PHP 5.6 installation. The updated version of PHP will cause an error to be thrown, but the fix is easy enough to implement.

  1. Using FTP, navigate to your public_html directory and then the /jomres/ directory underneath.
  2. In that directory you will see a sub directory called "core-plugins". Inside that there's a directory called "plugin_manager".
  3. Delete it.
  4. Next go to the /jomres/temp directory and delete the registry.php and registry_classes.php files.
  5. Now log into the administrator area of your site and visit the Plugin Manager page in Jomres. You will be prompted to re-install the Plugin Manager.

Once it has been installed you should be up and running again.