This manual is being depreciated. Much of the information here is out of date.

The new Jomres Documentation, updated in 2022, can be found at

Cron job settings and logs


Jomres pseudo-cron is an advanced feature that allows you to schedule/run various tasks repeatedly on a timely basis. The frequency options are M (every minute), H (hourly), D (daily), W (weekly). By default, this feature is used for the subscriptions, invoicing and optimising jomres tables once a day.


Pseudo-cron jobs can either be called as a minicomponent, or if you have access to cron you can configure the pseudo-cron minicomponent to be triggered by calling it directly. If you don`t have access to cron jobs on your server, set 'Method' to Minicomponent, otherwise create a cron job (or ask your hosting provider to create it for you) and tell it to run the command displayed in your 'Cron jobs settings and logs' screen.

Final notes

Most users will not need to change any settings here. It is recommended that all logging options (Display logging in the browser, Logging enabled, Verbose logging) to be set to no. Set them to Yes only for debugging reasons.