This manual is being depreciated. Much of the information here is out of date.

The new Jomres Documentation, updated in 2022, can be found at

Property Details page settings

These options affect the property details page, for example you can enable showing links to tariffs, a separate slideshow page, rooms list etc.


  • Show only Availability calendar? It is possible to show only the availability calendar, and not the detailed property information. Set this to display just the calendar but be aware that guests place high value on seeing as much information on your property that they can get. Only use this option of your site has more details on other pages.
  • Show slideshow on Property Details page?
  • Show link to slideshows? If you haven't uploaded any images then you may want to disable the slideshow output altogether.
  • Show rooms list in property details page? You can choose to show the rooms list in a tab.
  • Show link to rooms list page in property details page? You can allow potential guests to see all of your rooms, including slideshows and availability for those rooms. This is particularly useful if your property is a specialist property and your guests want to choose specific rooms as a part of their holiday experience.
  • Show availability calendar inline? Do you want to show the availability calendar on this page?
  • Show tariffs inline? Use this to define if you want to show tariffs on the Property Details page.
  • Show link to tariffs? Show a link to tariffs so that guests can see them on a new page?
  • Verbose tariff info Set this to Yes to show more detailed tariff information in the property details page/tab.
  • External link If you'd like to link to an external website, you can put that link in here.
  • Show business features separated into categories? Normally Property Features are displayed according to the Property Feature Categories in the following image, however you can choose to not show this categorisation and just show the Property Features on their own.