This manual is being depreciated. Much of the information here is out of date.

The new Jomres Documentation, updated in 2022, can be found at

Edit Booking

The Edit Booking page allows you to view information about the booking in various tabs. It also offers you a toolbar that will allow you to perform certain tasks.

edit booking

Your toolbar

  • Amend Reservation: When using this button you will be taken to the booking form where you can edit the booking, re-select rooms, set a different grand total and change the deposit.
  • Book guest in or Book guest out: If a guest isn't booked in, you'll be able to book them in from here, or book them out if they're already booked in. Enter Deposit. Here you can mark the deposit as paid. Useful if you want to take the cash at reception instead of over the internet.
  • Add service to bill: You can add extra services to the customer's booking and invoice, using this link.
  • Print Confirmation letter: A printable confirmation letter will open as a popup.
  • Email: Like the printable confirmation letter, but it will instead automatically email the letter to the customer.
  • Show invoice: You will be able to view the guest's invoice when you click on this link. This is the same invoice that logged in, registered guests can see when they view their bookings (users can make bookings when they are not logged in, but they will not be able to see the details later on).
  • Add note: You can add a note to the booking using this icon.

Booking details tabs

In the tabs you`ll find structured info like arrival/departure dates, number of guests, guest details, booked rooms/s details, payment details and booking notes.

As the system processes the booking, it will often add notes to the View Notes tab to say if a discount was applied during the booking, whether or not a coupon code was used, that sort of thing. Also, in case bookings require approval, here you`ll find info about the requested rooms.