This manual is being depreciated. Much of the information here is out of date.

The new Jomres Documentation, updated in 2022, can be found at

Access control

The main purpose of this functionality is for you to enable/disable buttons in the Jomres Main Menu.

It isn't full access control like you'll see in Joomla, we wanted to keep the functionality easy to use so this functionality allows you to, for want of a better word, raise or lower the level a user needs to be to see certain menu options.

Changing the Access Level in the dropdown will automatically change the level for that minicomponent, you do not need to "apply" the changes anywhere, this is done via AJAX in the background as you make the change.

Historically Jomres has controlled users based on their status, which follows the pattern :

  • Un-registered users (users who are not logged in),
  • Registered users (logged in users who are not managers, i.e. guests),
  • Receptionists,
  • Managers and
  • Super Property Managers.

Super Property Managers are the highest, unregistered users the lowest.

If a non-logged in user can do X, then generally the users above them can also do X (with some constraints). Super Property Managers > Managers > Receptionists > Registered users > Non logged in users ( > means "greater than").

With basic access control, Jomres will continue to use it's existing, hard-coded access control settings, so Receptionist users will not be able to modify tariffs, for example. However, you will be able to use the dropdowns in the Access Control page to modify which user can see which options in the Jomres Main Menu. Items in this menu are just links, however and this particular access control level does not disable the user's ability to access the page it links to. For example, the task to list booked out and cancelled bookings is "listoldbookings". The url to view this booking list is "/index.php?option=com_jomres&tmpl=component&task=listoldbookings". Using menu access control you could set "00010reception_option_06_listoldbookings" to "Super Manager", and this would remove the "Booked out and Cancelled Bookings" button from the main menu, however the manager can still view the old bookings by manually entering the url into the address bar of their browser.