This manual is being depreciated. Much of the information here is out of date.

The new Jomres Documentation, updated in 2022, can be found at

Using Shortcodes to list properties with specific features

How can you show properties with specific features?

In this article I will show you how to add a page in Wordpress where a list of properties with a specific feature is shown. The process is the same in Joomla but the shortcode syntax is slightly different. To see the syntax, go to Administrator > Jomres > Tools > Shortcodes to see the available shortcodes.

shortcodes page

Basic shortcode structure

If you use the "Search" box on the top right you can quickly find a shortcode, if you already know the task you want to add to the page.

The search shortcode example is a little confusing because it tries to show you all possible options, many of which might not be compatible with each other. This is what it gives you :

[jomres task="search" params=&country=GB&region=1111&town=Torquay&feature_uids=32&room_type=2&ptype=1&priceranges=100-200&guestnumber=1&stars=4&arrivalDate=2020/09/04&departureDate=2020/09/05&cat_id=1]

Find the feature ID

What we need to do is modify this shortcode to pick out just what we want so, next let's find the property feature we want to list properties by. In this article I want to list properties that have Cycle Paths nearby, so let's go to Admin > Jomres > Settings > Property Features.



Create a page

Here you can see that the property feature's ID is 24, so we now know that we can modify the search shortcode in the page to this :

[jomres task=search params=&feature_uids=24]

Let's create a new Wordpress page and add the shortcode :

Publish the page.


Add it to the menu

Now we need to go to Appearence > Menus

Click the Checkbox next to "Cycle paths nearby" and click Add to menu. Now you can click Save Menu.


How it looks

As you can see in this screenshot the "SRP Standard" has the Cycle Paths feature therefore it's shown in the property list.



This quick article is designed to show you how easy it is to list properties based on their features. There's plenty else you can do with the "search" shortcode, for example

  • [jomres task=search params=&country=GB]  List properties in X country. If you aren't sure what country code a property has go do the Admin area, control panel and in the property list Search box enter the property's name, there you will see the country code of the property.
  • [jomres task=search params=&ptype=1] List properties by property type id. To find those IDs go to Admin > Jomres > Settings > Property types
  • [jomres task=search params=&cat_id=1] Property Categories are listed in Admin > Jomres > Settings > Property Categories
  • [jomres task=search params=&region=1111] Region IDs are a little harder to find. Go to Admin > Jomres > Settings > List Regions and again use the Search box on the right to find the region you want, for example "valen" will return Valenciana. Click Edit and then look in your brower's address bar, you will see something like  Here you can see the region's ID is 994 so you can list all properties in the Valencia region by making the shortcode [jomres task="search" params="&region=994"]

You can also combine search parameters, so to list properties from category 1 in region 1111 just make the parameters params=&cat_id=1&region=1111