This manual is being depreciated. Much of the information here is out of date.

The new Jomres Documentation, updated in 2022, can be found at


This tab offers a variety of settings that help you to configure how bookings are performed and treated.


Many of these settings can be left alone, many users will not need to change them.


  • Visitors can book online Set this On to ensure that visitors can book rooms online, switch it off if you're using this page as a vehicle to demonstrate the property without an online booking facility.
  • Registered users only can book online? Use this switch to determine whether or not un-logged in users can book.
  • Bookings require approval or availability confirmation?  If set to yes, when a booking is made, it will not show up on the availability calendars (and other guests can still book those days and resource) until the property manager accepts/confirms availability for the booking. Once confirmed, booking is inserted as provisional (if doesn`t override other bookings; other guests can`t book the same dates anymore) and an email is sent to the customer to make the payment.
  • Bookings are for whole days?  By default the system books rooms out by the night, so a booking from the first of January 2016 to the 2nd of January 2016 covers just one night. If you set this option to on however, then the booking will cover entire days instead, so a booking on those days would cover both days and the customer would be billed for two days. This might be useful if you're using the system to rent out items instead of rooms in a property.
  • Price summary and estimates should be priced as per night/per week/per month?
  • Arr-Dep minimum interval  The mimimum interval in the booking form between the arrival date and the departure date. Note that this setting is somewhat variable depending on other factors. Property Managers are not subject to it's limitations, they can make bookings to be as short as they want, and a tariff's individual minimum interval settings may force this figure higher. 
  • Days before arrival The minimum number of days that must elapse, from "today", before the arrival date.
  • Guest type default Default number of the first Guest type shown in the booking form. If you use guest types, then this is the default number that the first guest type in the booking form will be set to.
  • Limit advance bookings?  Set this to yes if you want to limit advance bookings (use the next field to set the limit in terms of days). If you do set this to yes then if the user tries to book more than n days in advance then their arrival date will be restored to todays date
  • Days advanced bookings limited to
  • Weekend days  Set your weekend days. Tariffs that allow or disallow weekends will take this setting into account when generating the rooms list.
  • Cancellation Threshold Logged in, registered guests can cancel their own bookings. Here you can set the threashold, in days, where the booking cannot be cancelled after a certain number of days before the arrival date.

Fixed periods

  • Bookings are for a fixed period If you set this on, then bookings will be taken for a fixed period. If this is set off, then ensure that "defined arrival day" isn't set to Yes (unless you specifically want to force people to arrive on a certain day) otherwise you will not get many links in the availability calendar.
  • Booking period The fixed period will span N days, for example 7
  • Maximum periods, eg 3x 7 booking periods = 21 days
  • Fixed period bookings allow short breaks Essentially it could give you a dropdown of something like 4/7/14/21 days.
  • Length of short break
  • Pre-defined arrival day  Only for sites offering fixed period bookings.
  • Fixed arrival day  Choose the day that arrivals must begin on.
  • Fixed arrival dates recur: When fixed arrival dates are selected, the number dates that can be shown in the dates dropdown list. Note that the list of dates will not include any dates if a booking is not possible due to prior bookings, and that the list will actually be twice as long as your selected number because it will have a similar number of historic dates (where available)


  • Charge deposits? Do you want to take payments at the time of the booking?
  • Deposit required is cost of the first night?   Prices are calculated on a per night basis. Do you want the deposit to be one night's charge? If so, you can ignore the following options.
  • Deposit required is percentage? Is the deposit required to be a percentage of the total booking? If No, then the deposit applied will be a flat value
  • Deposit required value 
  • Charge variable deposits? Variable deposits allow you to define if you'd like to charge the full amount if the booking's arrival date is within N days from "today". Set this option to Yes to enable the feature, and enter the number of days below, so for example if the arrival day is within 60 days, then the deposit amount charged will be the full amount, otherwise the amount will be based on the deposit options configured above.
  • The number of days, within which the full amount will be charged as a deposit.
  • Amount charged at booking time Use this option to decide what should be charged at booking time. Choose deposit if the deposit should be charged, or Full amount if the full amount should be charged.
  • Round deposit up to nearest integer? For example, if the deposit is calculated to be 21.50, should it be rounded up to 22?