This manual is being depreciated. Much of the information here is out of date.

The new Jomres Documentation, updated in 2022, can be found at

Enabling front end access to Jomres

If you've used the Quickstart, you will not need to do this as it's already been done for you.


If you are just getting started with Jomres then you will probably want to add a menu option from your main menu to the Jomres Component.


In the CMS administrator's area use the top toolbar to navigate: Menu -> Main menu. Click the New icon, then choose Component from the Components panel. You will be in the "Add Menu Item :: Component " screen. Enter a description (I recommend Bookings for now) and choose Jomres from the Select list below and click Save.

Now you can go to the front end of your CMS installation and refresh it. You should have the Bookings option in the main menu. Log in as admin to administer your properties.


Go to your Pages page in the Wordpress admin area and add a new page with the shortcode [jomres:en-US]. Adjust the language here if you're using another language, e.g. [jomres:en-GB] or [jomres:es-ES]

What the property manager sees

What a user sees when they view Jomres depends on

1. their status with the system and
2. how you've configured certain Jomres modules.

If a user is a non-authorised user, then it is expected that in most instances they will arrive in the component either via a link in one of your menus or via a search module. If you only have one property on the system then it's not practical to install any of the search modules and you can limit yourself to having only the link in the menu. If you have more than one property then it is recommended that you install one of the search modules and encourage visitors to use that to locate a property.