This manual is being depreciated. Much of the information here is out of date.

The new Jomres Documentation, updated in 2022, can be found at

Channel Manager Framework - Alpha & Beta testing

This article is for those users who have obtained early bird licenses for the Channel Manager Framework.


It is a temporary article to help you to install the required CMF plugins. For detailed information about current endpoints available from the CMF REST API, please see the REST API area, specifically the section titled "Channel Management functionality".

The target audience are developers who are working with integrating their own Channel Management solutions, using the CMF REST API to communicate with Jomres. I assume that you're familiar enough with Jomres to install plugins and you've worked with REST APIs in the past.


Be aware that the CMF REST API is under development, and endpoints are being added all of the time. If you encounter a bug, or would like to see changes to the CMF REST API endpoint responses, now is the time to do it while develpment is under way. You can post your feedback via the ticket system at


Getting the plugins

Required : At least Jomres 9.21.4. At the time of writing, you will need to install the Nightly version of Jomres, which is the development branch of Jomres and contains all the updates required to run the new CMF code.

In the Jomres Plugin Manager visit the Core API plugins and install the "API feature CMF". Next in the Webhooks plugins tab install the OAuth webhook plugin.

Finally in the main "Core plugins" tab install the "Channelmanagement Framework" plugin and, if you're working with integration with Rentals United, install the "Channelmanagement Rentalsunited" plugin.