This manual is being depreciated. Much of the information here is out of date.

The new Jomres Documentation, updated in 2022, can be found at


To use the short codes you will need to install a special plugin. If you are using Joomla, install the "jomres_asamodule_mambot" plugin, and Wordpress users will need to install the "jomres_shortcodes". Both are available at the bottom of the page in the Jomres Plugin Manager.

Note : Joomla users - If you install the Jomres ASAModule Mambot plugin through the Jomres plugin manager you may need to visit Extensions > Manage > Discover to force Joomla to properly install that plugin. If you do, please remember to enable the plugin afterwards in the plugin list.


Whilst exhaustive, this list will never be complete. That's because different systems will have different plugins installed. To see a definitive list of shortcodes available to your installation, visit the Administrator > Jomres > Developer tools > Shortcodes page in your Jomres installation.


Showing availability calendars ( Req v9.3.0 or greater )
[jomres task="show_property_calendar" params="&property_uid=2"]
{jomres show_property_calendar &property_uid=2}
There are a number of parameters you can use to further customise the calendar's output.
months_to_show ( e.g. 24 )
start_month ( e.g. 12 for December )
start_year ( e.g. 2016 )
show_just_month ( So don't show the surrounding legend and code that's required to get a bunch of calendars to all work on the same page.
room_uid (e.g. 45 to show the availability of a specific room . This is useful for us when showing availabilities in the rooms list, but you probably won't use it. Nevertheless, it's there if you need it.)
Produces a general, randomised list of properties
[jomres task="search"]
{jomres search}
Shows properties from a given country
[jomres task="search" params="&country=GB"]
{jomres search &country=GB}
List of properties in a region. Note the use of the + symbol where a space would be normally.
[jomres task="search" params="&region=Aberdeen+City"]
{jomres search &region=Aberdeen+City}
Show the property feature icons for a given property.
[jomres task="show_property_features" params="&property_uid=2"]
{jomres show_property_features &property_uid=2}
Ditto for the room types.
[jomres task="show_property_room_types" params="&property_uid=2"]
{jomres show_property_room_types &property_uid=2}
Shows the property rooms list.
[jomres task="show_property_rooms" params="&property_uid=2"]
{jomres show_property_rooms &property_uid=2}
Show the room's slideshow without the rooms list.
[jomres task="show_property_rooms_slideshow" params="&property_uid=2"]
{jomres show_property_rooms_slideshow &property_uid=2}
Show just the property reviews.
[jomres task="show_property_reviews" params="&property_uid=2"]
{jomres show_property_reviews &property_uid=2}
Show the optional extras for a given property.
[jomres task="show_property_extras" params="&property_uid=1"]
{jomres show_property_extras &property_uid=1}
Shows the property's terms and conditions text.
[jomres task="terms" params="&property_uid=2"]
{jomres terms &property_uid=2}
Show the map in your content area. See the plugin's information in the Jomres Plugin Manager for more configuration options.
[jomres task="extended_maps"]
{jomres extended_maps}
Shows popular properties. Use the settings as described in the plugins details section of the Jomres plugin manager to configure limits or specifc property types or to show the output vertically by doing [jomres task="asamodule_popular asamodule_popular_vertical=1"]
[jomres task="asamodule_popular"]
{jomres asamodule_popular}
Like the ASAModule popular plugin but for random properties.
[jomres task="asamodule_random"]
{jomres asamodule_random}
Shows a link to the last viewed property.
[jomres task="asamodule_recently_viewed"]
{jomres asamodule_recently_viewed}
The auction house plugin is able to offer auctions for different properties rooms.
[jomres task="auction_house"]
{jomres auction_house}
Shows a wall of property images which when clicked, the property description is shown.
[jomres task="flipwall"]
{jomres flipwall}
The location map shows a list of countries and regions.
[jomres task="location_map"]
{jomres location_map}
Show the Lucky Dip plugin's form.
[jomres task="lucky_dip"]
{jomres lucky_dip}
Show the popular properties plugin's output. This is a dynamically generated list of properties who've been visited by more site visitors.
[jomres task="popular_properties"]
{jomres popular_properties}
This outputs the calendar for individual rooms, so if you market your property based on individual rooms ( typically speciality properties will do this ) then you can display individual room's availability
[jomres task="show_room_calendar" params="&id=3"]
{jomres show_room_calendar &id=3}
Shows the property details in your chosen content area.
[jomres task="property_details" params="&property_uid=2"]
{jomres property_details &property_uid=2}
Shows the information that's normally shown in a module popup.
[jomres task="module_popup" params="&property_uid=1"]
{jomres module_popup &property_uid=1}
Show the contact owner form for the selected property.
[jomres task="contactowner" params="&property_uid=2"]
{jomres contactowner &property_uid=2}
Show the property jquery ui availability calendar.
[jomres task="ui_availability_calendar" params="&property_uid=2"]
{jomres ui_availability_calendar &property_uid=2}
Shows the property header, which typically holds the property address details.
[jomres task="show_property_header" params="&property_uid=2"]
{jomres show_property_header &property_uid=2}
Shows the shows the More Information panel from property details. Typically these contain driving directions, area information etc.
[jomres task="show_property_moreinfo" params="&property_uid=2"]
{jomres show_property_moreinfo &property_uid=2}
Shows the property review summary
[jomres task="show_property_reviews_summary" params="&property_uid=2"]
{jomres show_property_reviews_summary &property_uid=2}
Shows the property details in your chosen content area.
[jomres task="show_property_slideshow" params="&property_uid=2"]
{jomres show_property_slideshow &property_uid=2}
Shows the property tariffs. As this can often be very long choose carefully where you put this.
[jomres task="show_property_tariffs" params="&property_uid=2"]
{jomres task="show_property_tariffs" params="&property_uid=2"}
Shows the property details in your chosen content area.
[jomres task="viewproperty" params="&property_uid=2"]
{jomres viewproperty &property_uid=2}
Show the Local Events in your chosen content area.
[jomres task="show_local_events" params="&property_uid=2&radius=100"]
{jomres show_local_events &property_uid=2&radius=100}
Shows the Local Attractions in your chosen content area.
[jomres task="show_local_attractions" params="&property_uid=2&radius=100"]
{jomres show_local_attractions &property_uid=2&radius=100}